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sell my house fast

If you are asking yourself, “How do I sell my house fast?” well there is a viable option and that is to go through a sell your home fast company.

A company that specializes in selling homes fast offers to sell a home faster than it normally would be sold.

What they will do is either buy your home fast or quickly find a third party buyer who can do so.

They will generally pay cash for your property and the rate that they buy at will be at a discount.

If I Need To Sell My House Fast, How Quickly Can a Specialist Homebuyer Buy My House?

A professional and reputable cash homebuyer will usually be able to purchase you home and have the cash reflected in your bank account in around seven to twenty-eight days.

There are those who claim they can pull this off in twenty-four hours, however, there are not many specialists with the resources to actually make this happen.

If, unfortunately, you end up dealing with a buyer that is less than genuine, you can expect that as they try to secure mortgage finance, the process could be drawn out for even months.

In order for a sale like this to be able to be done in whatever timeframe you require, it is crucial that you buyer be genuinely cash funded.

Keep in mind that about 99% of companies in this business nice are not genuine cash buyers.

Yes, they may have fancy websites suggesting otherwise, however, most of these firms are with lead generators who will sell your details to investors, small time investors or investment brokers who will simply pass your details onto actual investors.

The above-mentioned groups will usually buy with mortgage finance tying you in with an “option contract.”

The reason they need the option contract is to hold you in place, what this means is you will not be able to sell elsewhere, while they secure a buyer and/or mortgage funding.

This means that it is a risky process and your sale is not guaranteed. Research has shown that over seventy percent of sales that are entered into with these kinds of buyers fail due to not being able to secure mortgage funding. What this equals is a huge waste of your time.

When Looking to Sell My House Fast, How Much Can I Expect to Receive for my Property?

The price at which most quick property sale companies claim they will pay is around eighty to ninety percent of the actual value of your home.

There are even some who claim that the will pay up to one hundred percent, this, however, is all misleading.

The reality is that research has shown that 99.99% of all quick sales have gone through around seventy-five to eighty percent of the realistic value of a property.

As a matter of fact, in today’s realistic open market any offer over seventy-five percent of the value of your property should be looked at suspiciously.

Can I Expect any Other Costs?

That really will depend on the firm you sign with, reputable firms will not charge and fees and there are some that even cover the legal fees.

That being said, there are others that will make a verbal offer only to insist that an inflated price can be paid for their surveyor’s evaluation prior to providing a written offer.

This will usually be phrased as a “payment for valuation that is refundable,” the word refundable makes it sound fine, however since the only way that the money can be refunded is their offer is accepted, this is a system that invites abuse.

It is highly recommended that you stay away from any home buying company that requires any kind of upfront payment.

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